Sing with us

The Palm Beach Opera Chorus is one of the region’s leading musical ensembles, comprised of locally-based singers with professional training in classical vocal technique. Led by Associate Conductor Greg Ritchey, the Palm Beach Opera Chorus is consistently recognized for its artistic excellence. In recent seasons, South Florida Classical Review has praised the ensemble’s “razor-sharp intonation and glowing, well-blended tones,” and hailed their performances as “superb” and “refined.”

If you would like to be considered for our Chorus, please contact Artistic Administration Manager Kathleen Shelton at 561-835-7553 or

Associate Conductor & Chorus Master

Greg Ritchey

2024 Season Chorus Members

Christina Clements
Veronica Garcia Alvarez
Anette Glaser
Maggie Kinabrew*
Danielle Krause
Laurie Lester
Ginamarie Malone
Nana Morimoto
Samantha Rilling-Lopez
Sarah Rodgers
Alexis Seminario*
Jennifer Wilson
Scarlett Ossorio

Emilia Acon
Ashlyn Brown*
Candace Burrs
Gabrielle Chab
Jennifer Duke
Marie Ferguson
Ori Marcu*
Veronica Fink-Menvielle
Heather McLeod
Kelly O’Shea
Janet Perez
Lisa Pitman
Nancy Saint Pierre
Ashlyn Taylor

Matthew August
Lievens Castillo
Cedric Denmark
Alex Diaz
Garrett Evers*
Lyonel Fils-Aime
Noah Gunn
Garrett Medlock
Casey McNamara
Ajit Persaud*
Michael Ross
Matthew Escobar

David Asch
Kaleb Coicou
Neil Eddinger
Ismael Gonzalez
Sean Guerrier
Ardean Landhuis
Darren Littman
Jacob O’Shea*
Martin Poock
Mark Sullivan
David Wolfe*

*Apprentice Artist