2023-2024 Season Young Artist Program

The Young Artist Program is a stepping stone to a successful career as an opera singer for emerging professional artists. During their five-month residency in Palm Beach, The Young Artists develop and polish essential stagecraft and performance skills, aided by musical and career guidance from Palm Beach Opera’s experienced artistic and administrative staff, as well as distinguished guest faculty. The Young Artists appear on the mainstage in supporting roles, cover leading roles, and perform in concerts and special events throughout our community.

The Young Artist Program is part of a unique three-tiered training system at Palm Beach Opera that includes the Studio Program and the Apprentice Artist program.

The Young Artist Program is partially funded by The Edward H. Benenson Foundation, Inc.

Maria Vasilevskaya+*
Cloe SanAntonio
Devin Eatmon+
Edward Bland+
Ben Brady

+Former Apprentice Artist
*2nd year

Guest Faculty

Greg Ritchey, Associate Conductor and Chorus Master
Ben Malensek, Master Vocal Coach
Anna Betka, Vocal Coach
Shelby Rhoades, Vocal Coach
Marika Yasuda, Vocal Coach
Stephen King, Voice Teacher
Michael Paul, Voice Teacher
Nova Thomas, Voice Teacher
Paul Curran, Acting Instructor
Nicolò Sbuelz, Italian Diction Coach
Bénédicte Jourdois, French Diction Coach
Marianne Barrett, German Diction Coach
Ksenia Leletkina, Russian Diction Coach

2022-2023 Season Benenson Young Artists

Alexandra Razskazoff, Soprano
Amber Norelai, Soprano
Meridian Prall, Mezzo-Soprano
Joshua Sanders, Tenor
Sejin Park, Baritone
Eric Delagrange, Bass

2021-2022 Season Benenson Young Artists

Avery Boettcher, Soprano
Alexandra Razskazoff, Soprano
Megan Callahan, Mezzo-soprano
Moisés Salazar, Tenor
Heeseung Chae, Baritone
Christopher Humbert Jr., Bass-baritone

2020-2021 Season Benenson Young Artists

Shannon Jennings, Soprano
Patricia Westley, Soprano
Jenny Anne Flory, Mezzo-Soprano
Moisés Salazar, Tenor
Heeseung Chae, Tenor
Christopher Humbert Jr., Bass-Baritone

2019-2020 Season Benenson Young Artists

Emily Blair, Soprano
Patricia Westley, Soprano
Cara Collins, Mezzo-Soprano
Maria Vasilevskaya, Mezzo-Soprano
Duke Kim, Tenor
John Tibbetts, Baritone
Ted Allen Pickell, Bass-Baritone

2018-2019 Season Benenson Young Artists

Joanna Latini, Soprano
Emily Blair, Soprano
Sylvia D’Eramo, Soprano
Natalie Rose Havens, Mezzo-Soprano
Brian Wallin, Tenor
Robert Stahley, Tenor
Ben Schaefer, Baritone
Ted Allen Pickell, Bass-Baritone

2017-2018 Season Benenson Young Artists

Chelsea Bonagura, Soprano
Kasia Borowiec, Soprano
Francesca Aguado, Mezzo-Soprano
Derrek Stark, Tenor
Brian Wallin, Tenor
Joshua Conyers, Baritone
Andrew Richardson, Bass-Baritone
Andrew Simpson, Bass-Baritone