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Get involved with YOUR opera!

Palm Beach Opera’s Co-Producer Society is an exciting opportunity to ensure that world-class opera thrives in our community.

Our goal through this program is to have each production, which costs an average of $800,000 to produce, fully underwritten. Your commitment to Palm Beach Opera as a member of the Co-Producer Society makes us a vital arts organization, and an important contributor to the culture and quality of life in South Florida.

With your support, you can directly co-produce one or more of our mainstage productions, or support a specified mainstage sponsorship such as a Lead Artist Sponsor, Orchestra Sponsor, Costume Sponsor, or a Chief Conductor Sponsor.

In recognition of the outstanding and generous support of our Co-Producer Society, we provide a great breadth of opportunities and recognition to enhance your experience with Palm Beach Opera. Personalized service, dinners, luncheons, and behind-the scenes events will make your experience exceptional.

You can explore all the benefits of being a Co-Producer here: 2019 Co-Producer Society

For information on joining our 2018 |2019 Co-Producer Society, contact David Walker, Managing Director, at 561.835.7558 or

2018 | 2019 Co-Producer Society

(List complete as of Sept. 21, 2018)

Executive Producer

Bill and Solange Brown arrive at the Palm Beach Opera Gala Thursday, February 4, 2016, at the Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Brown
Die Fledermaus

Mrs. Ronnie Isenberg

Mrs. Ronnie Isenberg,
in loving memory of Eugene Isenberg
Don Giovanni



Bloomberg Philanthropies
Rising Stars Concert, La traviata,
Don Giovanni, Die Fledermaus

Ari Rifkin

Mrs. Ari Rifkin,
Chief Conductor Sponsor,
Don Giovanni & Die Fledermaus

Martin and Toni Sosnoff

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sosnoff
La traviata, Roles Sponsors, Violetta, Alfredo, and Germont

Triple Co-Producer

Sanford and Isanne Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Fisher
Rising Stars Concert,
Stephanie Blythe’s Appearance Sponsors,

 & Die Fledermaus


&Die Fledermaus


Double Co-Producer

Ms. Arlene Kaufman & Mr. Sanford Baklor-small

Mr. Sanford Baklor & Ms. Arlene Kaufman
La traviata,
Opening Night Sponsors

Drs. Henry & Marsha Laufer

Drs. Henry & Marsha Laufer
Rising Stars Concert,
La traviata

Nat Leventhal

Mr. Nathan Leventhal
Don Giovanni,
Die Fledermaus

Dennis & Roseanne Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis K. Williams
La traviata & Don Giovanni




Dr. & Mrs. Hans D. Baumann
Die Fledermaus

Delphine & Douglas Daft, Daft Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Daft,
The Daft Family Foundation
La traviata, Director Sponsor, Fabio Ceresa

Mrs. Florence Kaufman

Mrs. Florence Kaufman
Die Fledermaus

David & Ingrid Kosowsky

Mrs. Ingrid Kosowsky,
in loving memory of
Dr. David Kosowsky
Don Giovanni

MR. Marc Solomon

Mr. Marc S. Solomon,
Solomon Family Foundation Trust
La traviata

mr. & mrs. ed streim-1

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Streim
Don Giovanni

Associate Co-Producer

Assistant Co-Producer

Mrs. Annette Y. Friedland
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fromer, La traviata
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goldner, Die Fledermaus
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gottesman, Concertmaster Sponsor
Mr. & Mrs. John Pohanka, Die Fledermaus
Mrs. Karen Tell

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Alderton, Don Giovanni
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Biscup
Mr. & Mrs. David Brodsky, La traviata
Mr. & Mrs. David Genser, La traviata
Ms. Barbara Greis & Mr. Howard Gottlieb, La traviata
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kaufman, Don Giovanni
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Laurans, La traviata
Mr. Michael McCafferty & Mr. Joseph Horton, Die Fledermaus
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis J. Parker
Dr. & Mrs. John Strasswimmer
Mr. & Mrs. James Takats
Mrs. Sieglinde Wikstrom
Mr. Marc E. Wise & Mr. Mariano Morales

2017 | 2018 Co-Producer Society

Executive Producer
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Brown, Le nozze di Figaro
The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, in loving memory of Cornelia Bailey, Candide
Mrs. Ronnie Isenberg, in loving memory of Eugene Isenberg, Tosca

Bloomberg Philanthropies, Tosca, Candide & Le nozze di Figaro
Toni & Martin Sosnoff, Ron Raines and Denyce Graves Appearance Sponsor, Candide
Mrs. Ari Rifkin, Chief Conductor Sponsor, Tosca & Candide

Double Co-Producer
Mr. & Mrs. Howard* & Patricia Lester, Tosca & Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis K. Williams, Tosca & Le nozze di Figaro

Single Co-Producer
Mr. Sanford Baklor & Ms. Arlene Kaufman, Candide, Opening Night Sponsors
Dr. & Mrs. Hans D. Baumann, Le nozze di Figaro
Douglas & Delphine Daft, The Daft Family Foundation, Le nozze di Figaro, Role Sponsor, Countess, 
Isanne and Sanford Fisher, Tosca
Mrs. Damaris D.W. Ford, Candide
Mrs. Martha Ingram, Le nozze di Figaro
Mrs. Florence Kaufman, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Amin Khoury, Tosca
Dr. & Mrs. David I. Kosowsky, Le nozze di Figaro
Drs. Marsha & Henry Laufer, Season Opening Celebration & Tosca
Mr. Nathan Leventhal, Tosca
Mrs. Lois Pope,Tosca
Israel Schubert, Managing Director, Meridian Capital Group, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. Marc S. Solomon,Solomon Family Foundation Trust, Tosca

Associate Co-Producer
Dr. Elizabeth Bowden, Tosca
Mr. & Mrs. John Domenico, Tosca
Mrs. Annette Y. Friedland, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fromer, Tosca
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goldner, Tosca
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gottesman, Concertmaster Sponsor
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Hardwick, Tosca
Mr. & Mrs. John Pohanka, Tosca
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Streim, Candide
Mrs. Karen Tell, Candide

Assistant Co-Producer
Anonymous, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Alderton, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bent, Tosca
Ms. Barbara Greis & Mr. Howard Gottlieb, Candide
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Guild, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Laurans, Tosca
Mr. Michael McCafferty & Mr. Joseph Horton, Candide
Dr. & Mrs. John Strasswimmer, Le nozze di Figaro
Mr. & Mrs. James Takats, Tosca
Mrs. Sieglinde Wikstrom, Le nozze di Figaro



*In memoriam

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