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by Jacques Offenbach
Feb 21Feb 24, 2003

Lindorf, Coppélius, Dr. Miracle, Dappertutto: Giorgio Surian (2/21 and 2/23), Zeffin Quinn Hollis (2/22 and 2/24)
Andres, Spalanzani, Frantz, Pittichinaccio: Dean Anthony
Luther: Ardean Landhuis
Hermann, Schlemil: Gordon Longhofer
Nathaneal: Nick Incarnato
Hoffmann: Stephen Mark Brown (2/21 and 2/23), Benoit Gendron (2/22 and 2/24)
Nicklausse: Katheryn Friest
Cochenille: Robert O’Brien
Olympia: Luz del Alba Rubio: (2/22, 2/23, 2/24), Bengi Mayone (2/22)
Antonia: Melissa Kaye Shippen (2/22 and 2/24), Karen Driscoll (2/22 and 2/24)
Crespel: Jason Hardy
Antonia’s Mother: Kate Aldrich
Giulietta: Kate Aldrich
Stella: Nanique Gheridian
Scenery Designed by: Michael Eagen
Lighting Designed by: Donald Edmund Thomas
Chorus Master: Kamal Khan
Costumes supplied by: Malabar Limited of Toronto
Scenery created for L’Opera de Montreal

by Jacques Offenbach
Mar 21Mar 23, 2014

Conductor: Christian Knapp*
Director: Jay Lesenger*
E.T.A Hoffmann: Giuseppe Filianoti*
The Muse, later disguised as Nicklausse: Irene Roberts

The Prologue:
Counselor Lindorf: Mark Delavan*
Andrés, servant to La Stella: Matthew DiBattista*
Luther, a taverner: Peter Tomaszewski+
Nathanael, a student: Nicholas Nestorak+
Hermann, a student: Tobias Greenhalgh+

Act I:
Olympia, an automaton: Ashley Emerson*
Coppelius, an ocular specialist: Mark Delavan*
Spalanzani, an inventor: Nicholas Nestorak+
Cochenille, his servant: Matthew DiBattista

Act II:
Antonia, a young singer: Eleni Calenos*
Doktor Mirakel, a physician: Mark Delavan
Herr Crespel, a violin maker: Peter Tomaszewski+
Franz, his servant: Matthew DiBattista
Antonina’s Mother: Irene Roberts

Act III:
Giulietta, a courtesan: Keri Alkema*
Captain Dapertutto, her patron: Mark Delavan
Pitichinaccio, Giulietta’s companion: Matthew DiBattista
Schlemil, Giulietta’s client: Tobias Greenhalgh+

La Stella, a diva: Bridgette Gan+
Scenery Designed by: Erhard Rom
Costumes Designed by: Martha Haly
Lighting Designed by: Julie Duro
Chorus Master and Associate Conductor: Greg Ritchey
Additional Costumes by: Emily Morgan DeAngelis and Virginia Opera

* Debut
+ Benenson Young Artist
^ Apprentice Artist
# Former Apprentice Artist

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