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by Richard Strauss
Mar 15Mar 17, 2013

Conductor: Roberto Paternostro*
Director: Renaud Doucet
Salome: Erika Sunnegårdh
Jochanaan: Ryan McKinny*
Herod: Thomas Moser*
Herodias: Denyce Graves-Montgomery
Narraboth: Nathaniel Peake*
Page: Megan Marino+
Slave: Bonnie Sherman Brown+
First Jew: Matthew Tuell
Second Jew: Kyle Erdos-Knapp +
Third Jew: Marco Stefani+
Fourth Jew: Jason Ferrante
Fifth Jew: Christoper Job
First Soldier: Scott Purcell+
Second Soldier: Jeremy Milner
First Nazarene: Peter Tomaszewski+
Second Nazarene: Ardean Landhuis
Cappadocian: Neil Nelson
Scenery Designed by: Boyd Ostroff
Costume Designed by: Richard St. Clair
Lighting Designed by: Guy Simard
Chorus Master and Assistant Conductor: Greg Ritchey
Scenery and Costumes Originally Produced by the Opera Philadelphia
Scenery and Costumes owned by Palm Beach Opera
Original Production: Robert B. Driver

* Debut
+ Benenson Young Artist
^ Apprentice Artist
# Former Apprentice Artist

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