by Henry Purcell
Dec 11, 2021

Conductor: Gregory Ritchey
Director: Drew Minter

In order of vocal appearance
Court Singer: Bergsvein Toverud
Dido: Megan Callahan
Belinda: Avery Boettcher
2nd Woman: Alexandra Razskazoff
Aeneas: Christopher Humbert, Jr.
Sorceress: Meridian Prall
1st Witch: Maria Vasilevskaya
2nd Witch: Megan Graves
Spirit: Marissa Moultrie
Sailor: Steven Ricks

Chorus: Moisés Salazar, Heeseung Chae, Ian Rucker, Kyle White

General & Artistic Director: David Walker
Director of Artistic Administration: James Barbato
Director of Production & Facilities: Jeff Bruckerhoff
Manager of Artistic Administration: Dennis Robinson, Jr.

Musical Preparation: Katherine Kozak
Diction Coach: Ben Malensek

Costume Director: Timm Burrow
Technical Director: Jason Barroncini
Production Stage Manager: Bryce Bullock
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Lynch