Feb 15, 2018

Sondra Radvanovsky, Soprano
Anthony V. Manoli, Piano

Gala Chairs: Joan and David Genser
Immediate Past Gala Chairs: Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Parker III
Grand Valentine’s Gala Sponsor: Mrs. Veronica Atkins
Sondra Radvanovsky, Artist Underwriters: Isanne and Sanford Fisher
Anthony Manoli, Artist Underwriters: Toni and Martin Sosnoff
Major Sponsors Dinner Hosts: Ms. Arlene Kaufman and Mr. Sanford Baklor
Gala Kick-Off Reception Hosts: Jane and John Shalam

Platinum Sponsors:
Drs. Marsha and Henry Laufer
Mrs. Lois Pope

Gold Sponsors:
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Greenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Lindemann
Mrs. Ari Rifkin
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Williams

Silver Sponsors:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fromer and Mrs. Florence Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Brown
Joan and David Genser

Silver Recital Aria Underwriters:
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Streim

Bronze Sponsors:
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Alderton
Mr. Bruce Beal and Mr. Francis Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bogen
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fineberg
Mrs. Miriam Flamm
Mrs. Annette Y. Friedland
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Furman
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kohl
Dr. and Mrs. David I. Kosowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lester
Dr. and Mrs. Morton Mandell
Mr. and Mrs. John Pohanka
Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Sapoff
Mr. Marc Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Streim

Couple’s Sponsors:
Ms. Naomi Alexandroff-Brest and Mr. David M. Kaplan
Mrs. Ruth Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Belfer
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Berenson
Ms. Eileen Berman and Mr. Jay Bauer
Daniel Biaggi and David Espinosa
Mr. John L. Coats
Mr. Daniel C. Cochran and Mr. Gregory B. Sutphin
Mr. and Mrs. John Domenico
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Eisen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Epstein
Mr. Eugene Gaughan and Ms. Margaret Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldberg
Merrill and Charles Gottesman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hechinger
Mr. and Mrs. David Herwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Laurans
Mr. Nathan Leventhal and Ms. Katherine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lunder
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masterman
Mr. Michael McCafferty and Mr. Joseph Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Parker III
Mr. Miguel Perrotti
Mr. Naj and Mrs. Emily Tannen Pervez
Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawrence Schlager
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sriberg
Dr. and Mrs. John Strasswimmer
Barbara and Fred Tepperman
Jacqueline and Albert Togut
Ms. Lillian Vineberg
Mr. Howard Weinstein and Ms. Suzanne Le Vine

Host Committee Sponsors:
Mr. and Mrs. David Brodsky
Ms. Carol Finn
Suzanne L. Niedland
Mrs. Anka Palitz
Ms. Barbara Sidell

Young and Apprentice Artist Underwriters:
Ms. Peg Anderson
Dr. Louise Cohen
Suzanne L. Niedland

Additional support provided by:
Mr. and Mrs. L. David Callaway
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Calman
Dr. Carmel Cohen
Ms. Reva Grace
Mr. & Mrs. James Herscot
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Horwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Menowitz
Ms. Jean Sharf
Sydell and Ira Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Starr
Mr. Harry D. Tawfik

Corporate Sponsor