Thinking critically, responding honestly.

Mary Ann Willson’s “Young Woman Wearing A Turban” ca. 1800-25

View the image here. Describe your gut reactions: “[The woman is] insecure or uncomfortable in the picture (pose and facial expressions). [Is she] some type of royalty (based on outfit). The artwork looks like watercolors; almost childlike.”   Imagine possible meanings or thoughts: “The woman looks or feels isolated or lonely.”  

Mary Ann Willsons “Pelican with Young” ca. 1800–1830

View the image here. Describe your gut reactions: “It looks very abstract. It involves many colors. I like how there are babies and a parent. It is quite odd looking to me, I’m not sure why. I like how flowers are sued, and certain shapes.” “I see a sign of beauty in this picture.”   … Read more

Mary Ann Willson’s “Lady Pointing To A Flight Of Birds” ca. 1800-25

View the image here. Describe your gut reactions: “I see the birds as a problem in life. The farther they go the smaller they seem. They aren’t as big as they truly appear at the time. Imagine possible meanings or thoughts: “I believe she painted this at some point after her and [Miss Brundage] ran off … Read more

The Sights and Sounds of Brokeback Mountain

While studying Charles Wuorinen and Annie Proulx’s opera Brokeback Mountain, youth participants in Opera OUT Loud shared their reactions to the work. The following responses were gathered while watching Act I of Brokeback Mountain. Click HERE to learn more about the orchestral score and hear moments of the music.   What are your reactions to the scenery … Read more

As One: response to ‘Norway’

In this aria, Hannah after travels to Norway to get away from her life in the states.   Kara: Where I used to live, there’s this wooded area near a park and I would go there sometimes when I wanted to be there by myself…I would play my flute there sometimes because I get nervous when people … Read more

As One: transgender acceptance

These comments were part of a discussion about transgender acceptance.   Anonymous: I feel like I can never have children because our society is not accommodating enough for me to be able to raise them not to be either gender and then let them decide. Anonymous: When I was little I used to want a … Read more

As One: assigning gender

While writing postcards, Hannah after realizes that her handwriting is uniquely her own, not like a girl or a boy.   Anonymous: I think that people assigning gender to a product just doesn’t make sense. If I wear something then why can’t it be a girl’s shirt? I identify as female and I like it … Read more

Opera OUT Loud matters

written by J. KANELLA MARKIS   Opera OUT Loud matters because queer people exist. People within the LGBTQ community exist. There’s deep history of gender variance, gender performance, and alternative sexuality within the theater community, not just in present history, but throughout time itself. People should notice and get involved because a movement makes itself … Read more

…building bridges…

Written by MARIAH RIVERA   I was both surprised and excited when Palm Beach Opera took interest and saw the opportunity to enhance our communities and build a bridge between the two worlds. Projects like Opera OUT Loud matter because there will always be someone who needs a connection. Bringing forth that connection will create … Read more

‘As One’ is revolutionary

written by J. KANELLA MARKIS As One is revolutionary. The first opera to center on a trans lead, its creation was inspired by filmmaker Kimberly Reed’s origin, who’s a member of the community. I think people will relate to her because everyone knows how it feels like to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. A … Read more

As One: response to ‘Cursive’

selected by Brandi This image was selected in response to a read-through of  ‘Cursive’ from Kaminsky, Campbell and Reed’s As One

As One: response to ‘Three words’

Three words are spoken to Hannah after: “Pardon me, miss.” Leia: The thing is, I’ve never gone out [as] feminine in public mostly out of fear…but I really want to do it now. I’ve already changed my pronouns on Facebook. I’m still waiting for one of my relatives to awkwardly message me and ask me … Read more

As One: response to ‘Out of nowhere’

This aria describes an attack on Hannah after. A list of transgender people who have been slain is read during this aria.   Jaime: This is how it happens with a lot of trans women. Some guys hit on them, unknowingly, and there are guys who, you wouldn’t know it, but are very dangerous. And … Read more

As One: response to ‘Dear son’

The text of this aria, sung by Hannah before, is a letter from her mother.   Victor: I just never really see the relationship, ya know, when it comes to older people transitioning, you never really see the relationship with the children…how the children feel about it…how the children are supposed to act.

As One: response to ‘A christmas story’

This aria describes a sweet encounter that Hanna before/Hannah after has with a man at a coffee shop…a small flirtation, a genuine connection.   Dyran: [This was] probably her best Christmas present…the way it was written feels like a diary entry. Victor: It’s very personal. I like when it is personal. Dyran: I don’t know … Read more

Opera OUT Loud

“It’s so nice we [the youth] play such an important role in [Opera OUT Loud]. Lots of things for the gay community are not coming from us.” – Jude

As One

“We don’t really appear in the media and I’ve never heard of a transgender opera, so I’m really excited!” – Jude

As One – responses to ‘Cursive’

“At my Christian School they separated the classes by gender and you could see the differences in handwriting.” – Victor   “I was trying to learn to write like a girl with bubble letters, but I couldn’t.” – Brandi

As One: response to “To know”

“When my dad was growing up, homosexuality was equated to pedophilia and was considered an illness.” – Jude

As One: response to “Three words”

Artwork created by KARA YAMORI   The artwork was created in response to a read-through of  ‘Three Words’ from Kaminsky, Campbell and Reed’s As One “The song is about someone saying “Pardon me, miss” to Hannah and the small words mean a huge deal. I can really relate to that feeling, especially when I was early in my transition. I … Read more

As One: response to ‘Sex ed’

written by ANONYMOUS. ‘Sex ed’ from As One  “I can relate because I had sex ed in 4th and 5th grade and that’s when I was starting to realize my identity and that I wasn’t a girl and I felt like I didn’t belong in that classroom. I wanted to ask if I could go to … Read more