Libretto Reads

Discovering. Exploring. Connecting.

Not just a read through, Opera OUT Loud’s libretto reads provide an in depth look at the text of operas that contain LGBTQ themes or characters. Participating youth:

  • learn about opera and the power of story-telling through music, discovering how opera’s stories relate to their lives
  • hear the sounds of opera within the context of the libretto read through
  • have a voice in each libretto read. They choose the work and determine the course of the dialogue.
  • contemplate issues affecting individuals and society through the study of opera

Youth Voices

Thinking critically, responding honestly.

Youth Voices provides a glimpse into the minds of the next generation. Youth are challenged to think critically about society through the study of opera and its characters. Their thoughtful responses materialize as prose, poetry, or other artistic means of expression. See what they have to say in Youth Voices.

“It’s so nice we play such an important role in this. Lots of things for the gay community are not coming from us.” – Jude, 15, Compass GLCC

Experience Opera

Stories come to life on stage, on screen, and behind-the-scene.

After diving into a libretto, youth participants are given the chance to see the opera come to life. The works are experienced through private screenings or live on stage. Additionally, they have the chance to meet with artists to ask questions and make professional connections.

Youth Led Libretto Presentations

Inspiring community conversations through opera’s lens.

Libretto presentations are an excellent way for youth to inspire meaningful conversations in their community about important issues. Youth present excerpts from a studied libretto followed by their personal comments. Not only are youth teaching the community about opera, they are reaching out to the community to tackle life’s challenges, inspiring dialogue and building relationships.