Opera OUT Loud matters

written by J. KANELLA MARKIS


Opera OUT Loud matters because queer people exist. People within the LGBTQ community exist. There’s deep history of gender variance, gender performance, and alternative sexuality within the theater community, not just in present history, but throughout time itself. People should notice and get involved because a movement makes itself significant through every voice, every hand.

I believe the most captivating aspect of Opera OUT Loud will be the Youth Voices and contact with LGBTQ industry professionals. The former because giving youth a forum to express their opinions and their ideas is absolutely vital, not only to encourage future community leaders, artists, and musicians, but to encourage a greater appreciation for the arts in general. And then the latter because having older mentors within the LGBTQ community to encourage a love of the opera (and music in general) reinforces youth; reinforces us to take charge of our own narrative, and with that at the forefront of our minds, we are empowered.