As One: transgender acceptance

These comments were part of a discussion about transgender acceptance.


Anonymous: I feel like I can never have children because our society is not accommodating enough for me to be able to raise them not to be either gender and then let them decide.

Anonymous: When I was little I used to want a ton of children but now I only want one. [People] asked me if I was going to have surgery or have the baby myself. Why is it so hard for transgender guys to say that, one day, they’ll be fathers and not have the baby themselves?

Anonymous: I feel like parents just want their kids to be normal because if their kids are normal it ensures them a good future. They feel like if they keep their kids in the box or gender binary they’ve ensured that their child is going to be normal and have a perfect life.

Megan: I feel like [parents] secretly just want us all to blend in. They want us to be normal to the point that nobody’s going to call out their child. It’s kind of like, a really wrong way of protecting them.